Online Fanzine Fair 2021


We are organizing this year’s Online Fanzine Fair in Apartment zines and fanzines and fanzine readers in Turkey, we aim to bring together. In this event, which will take place between 01-07 June 2021, the participating fanzines will open their desired PDFs on and a significant amount of archives will be open to the participants for a week. Those that published the fanzine and Fanzine readers in Turkey and we plan to bring together. In the Online

Fanzine Fair, we also aim to offer various content about fanzines to the participants by holding online fanzine interviews. In the periods when we approach the fair date, topics and participants will be determined and talk announcements will be made. Follow our social accounts below.

Fanzin Apartment All fanzines and fanzine lovers are invited to the Online Fanzin Fair.

Fanzines who want to take part in the fair can apply at by sending a PDF of the fanzine with a article about them and their work.

Application Deadline: May 24, 2021

All events in the Online Fanzine Fair are free of charge.

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What is Fanzin Apartment?

Fanzine Apartment, established in 2016, is a community for its operations to be in communication with fanzines and to increase the visibility of readers in Turkey. It conducts theoretical studies on the fanzine culture and its ethical values ​​and presents it to its readers free of charge. It works collectively and continues its activities on a voluntary basis. There is no profit purpose in the works it performs. It aims to spread and multiply the fanzines by seeking ways to maintain their existence based on their own values. At this point, it organizes various activities by publishing domestic and international interviews, criticism and news articles. By communicating with various venues, there are activities to establish fanzine shelves and to supply them. Especially zines are continuing their studies abroad, z artists, distros are getting in touch with all kinds of formations in this area and organizing fairs, the fanzine readers in Turkey wants to transfer the information. If you want to contact us, you can reach us at